A cloud-native open-source unified multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud platform

The one cloud contains all your clouds

Cloudpods manages not only on-premise KVM/baremetals, but also resources from many cloud accounts across many cloud providers. It hides the differences of underlying cloud providers and exposes one set of APIs that allow programatically interacting with these many clouds.

Cloud Native

Running in Kubernetes and managed by a Kubernetes Operator.

Private Cloud

A light-weight private cloud that manages KVM hypervisor in scale.


A BareMetal cloud that automates the full life-cycle management of baremetal physical machines.


Multi-cloud management that is able to manage a wide range of cloud providers, including private cloud and public clouds.

Multi-Cloud K8s

Deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters in multi-cloud environment.


A complete multi-tenancy RBAC-enabled IAM (identity and access management) system.

Cloud SSO

Cloud SSO that allows accessing native webconsole of cloud providers with unified federated identities.


Access Cloudpods with an efficient and productive command line tool climc

Unified APIs

One set of feature-rich APIs to access a wide range of resources from heterogeneous cloud providers with consistent models and APIs.

KVM IPMI Refish API VMware OpenStack ZStack Alibaba Cloud AWS Tencent Cloud Huawei Cloud Azure Google Cloud UCloud China Telecom Cloud China Mobile Cloud JD Cloud

Please check this GitHub issue for the user list of Cloudpods.

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