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Welcome the documentation of Cloudpods.

What is Cloudpods?

Cloudpods is an open-source unified multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud Cloud platform that provides unified APIs to access heterogenous IaaS resources across a broad range of cloud providers, including on-premise KVM/BareMetal/VMware, private clouds such as OpenStack, and public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, etc. Cloudpods provides a set of APIs and a web UI dashboard. Cloudpods hides the differences of underlying resources, and makes it easy to build PaaS services and applications across multi-cloud/hybrid-cloud platforms.


Here are some highlight features of Cloudpods:

  • A self-contained light-weight private cloud that manages KVM hypervisor in scale
  • A self-contained BareMetal cloud that automates the full life-cycle management of baremetal physical machines
  • A self-contained VMware vSphere management platform that enables self-service and automation
  • A multi-cloud solution that is able to manage a wide range of major cloud providers, including private cloud, such as OpenStack, and public clouds, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.
  • A full set of feature-rich APIs to access a wide range of the IaaS resources from platforms above with consistent resource models and APIs
  • A multi-tenancy RBAC-enabled identity and access management system
  • A multi-cloud image management system that automates image conversion between different cloud platforms
  • The platform adopted a cloud native architecture and run in Kubernetes cluster and support high availability deployment


Introducting CI/CD procedure, architecture, framework, etc.

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