Git Commit Message Convention

git commit message convention

For the purpose of word-processing the code change history, and statistics, we compile the following Git Commit Message Convention to regulate the format of Git Commit Message.

Git Commit Message Convention

Conform to the following format:

<type>(<scope>): <subject>



The message is composed of three parts (part is separated by an empty line):

  • Title: required, describing the type of modification and a concise summary of changes
  • Content: optional, describing in details why the modification is need, how to change, the basic outline of codes, how to make the change take effect, etc.
  • Notes: optional, some additional notes

The descriptions of tokens of each part are explained as following:

  • type(type of PR:

    • feat: new feature
    • fix: bug fix
    • refactor: recode, refactoring of codes
    • test: test cases
    • chore: modifications of helping scripts, such as Makefile, Dockerfile, etc.
  • scope(components of impact): such as region, scheduler, cloudcommon, etc.,use comma ‘,’ as separator if impacting multiple components, e.g. (region,scheduler,monitor)

  • subject(concise summary of commit): no more than 50 characters

  • body(detailed description of commit, optional): can be multiple lines, each line contains no more than 72 characters

  • footer(some notes, optional): some notes, e.g. references, breaking change, upgrading suggestions or url of related tasks or issue

Commit Examples

fix(region): compute NextSyncTime for snapshotpolicydisk

1. If calculated NextSyncTime equals to base, increase base by 1 hour to process recusively.
2. For snapshotpolicies with effective retentionday, e.g. a snapshotpolicy
   takes effect on every Monday and the snapshots are kept for 3 days automatically,
   synchronization will be performed on every Month (for snapshoting) and Thursday 
   (for release snapshots). 

feat(scheduler): add cpu filter

Added new cpu filter to scheduler:

- filter host by cpu model
- set host capability by request cpu count

fix(apigateway,monitor,influxdb): disable influxdb service query proxy

feat(climc): support disable wrap line

export OS_TRY_TERM_WIDTH=false
climc server-list

Closes #6710


Last modified January 1, 0001