Optimize the general architecture of cloudpods

  • Seperate on-premise cloud (Cloudpods native cloud, i.e. KVM, Baremetal, VMware) and Cloud Management (Management of other clouds) into different service components
  • On-premise cloud: seperate a storage agent to do storage management tasks
  • On-premise cloud: integrate Rook for shared storage
  • On-premise cloud: store state of baremetal agent in DB
  • Cloud management: allow managing multiple instance of cloudpods native cloud
  • Cloud management: recode resource synchronization, better code structure and finer grain synchronization resource

Mutli-cloud Resource Management

Further broaden the coverage of cloud products and providers.

  • Support more kinds of resources, such as Azure RDS,Redis,LoadBalance,WebApp, AWS redis
  • Support more cloud providers, such as QingCloud
  • Support read-only mode of cloud account

Unified Monitoring and Alerting

A unified Multi-cloud monitoring and alerting solution.

  • Adopts Prometheus as the core monitoring solution.
  • Automate monitoring agent installation
  • Secure communication channel for collecting monitoring metrics across multi-cloud boundaries
  • Integrating native alerting on cloud providers

Multi-cloud Application Delivery and Orchastration

Based on container technology, develop the capability to deliver applications across multi-cloud.

  • Unified management of multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Deployment of Kubernetes Clusters over multi-cloud environment
  • Multi-cloud application delivery
  • Multi-cloud application migration

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