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A cloud-native open-source unified cloud platform

Build your own cloud on clouds

The One Cloud Contains All Your Clouds
Cloudpods can not only manage local virtual and physical machine resources, but also manage multiple cloud platforms and cloud accounts. Cloudpods hides the differences in data models and APIs of these heterogeneous infrastructure resources, exposing a unified set of APIs to the outside world, allowing users to access multiple clouds as if they were using a single cloud. This greatly reduces the complexity of accessing multiple clouds and improves the efficiency of managing multiple clouds.

Cloud native

Runs in Kubernetes, manages and maintains using Kubernetes Operator

Private cloud

A lightweight private cloud capable of managing massive KVM virtual machines

Bare metal

A bare metal cloud capable of managing the entire lifecycle of physical machines

Multi cloud management

The function of managing multi cloud resources can manage most mainstream clouds, including private and public clouds

Multi cloud K8S

Deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters in a multi cloud environment

Multi Tenant IAM

A complete multi tenant authentication and access control system

Multi cloud SSO

Multi cloud SSO allows access to native consoles of various cloud platforms with a unified federated identity


Efficient management of Cloudpods using command-line tool climc

Unified API

A set of rich and consistent REST APIs and models to access the above cloud resources and functions
Supported cloud platforms and technologies
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